Beware; there are many labs that are not confident enough in their testing methods to offer a money-back guarantee.    Genetic Identity uses modern state-of-the-art techniques to analyze your DNA. We are one of the few companies that is confident enough in our technology to offer our clients a 100% money-back guarantee if we fail to achieve a probability of paternity of at least 99.999% for a standard paternity test: mother, child and alleged father for nonexclusion.  We will also refund your money if we fail to achieve a probability of paternity of at least 99.9% if we test the alleged father and child for nonexclusion.

There are many labs that mistakenly confuse the probability of paternity with accuracy.  They incorrectly claim that their test is 99.9%-99.99% accurate.  What they are reporting is the probability of paternity.  The probability of paternity cannot be substituted for accuracy.  The probability of paternity is a simple odds ratio.  The generally accepted minimum standard for an inclusionary is 99.0%.  This means that the alleged father has a 99 to 1 better chance of being the father than a random man.  It does not mean that the test is only 99% accurate.  The accuracy of a DNA test is predetermined by, the experience of the lab personnel, the quality control methods that an accredited lab undergoes and the methodology a lab uses when determining your probability of paternity. Our testing is 100% accurate.

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